On a hot day nearing the end of summer in Los Angeles, VÉRITÉ is across the country from her home in New York City and ready to begin a headlining tour that promotes her debut album, Somewhere In Between. After a full run through of the album, you’ll find that her music is the embodiment of both the calm before the storm and the chaos during it. She meshes together elements of serenity and havoc in a way that speaks heavily to the soul.

The intensity of the human condition and existence serve as the backbone of inspiration for her this new album, and VÉRITÉ explains that the process of creating the album was also a very intense one. It was written mostly in fragments in the span of a year during short breaks she had in between tours, leaving her with the task of “putting the pieces of the puzzle together,” as she explains. “It seemed very crazy and scattered, but in the end I was able to reel everything in.” 

"At the end of the day, I get to do what I want, when I want to, and control what I put out."

Being an independent artist though, finishing the album was only one aspect of the challenges that she had to overcome. “You always have creative challenges,” she admits. “Sometimes you get a feeling that you’re competing with these giant corporations.” And while those setbacks may seem overbearing at times, she sheds some light on the pros of being an independent artist. Owning the music she’s produced and not having to answer to anyone gives her the drive to put a realistic perspective on dealing with situations. “Regardless of whether you’re independent or with a major label, you always have challenges,” she explains. “But at the end of the day, I get to do what I want, when I want to, and control what I put out.”

The growth that VÉRITÉ had accumulated from the years of experience she has had in the music industry greatly shows in her work as well as attitude toward the industry. For her, the growth since the release of her EP Echo three years ago has been absolutely immense. “I would rewrite and reproduce all of my EPs,” she says with a laugh. “Ideally, everything since then has just been an elevation.”

Going into the headlining tour promoting Somewhere In Between, she tells me that the album “translates a little harder live. It’s more intense and more dynamic, which is a good thing.” Her personal favorite song off of the album at the moment,“Death of Me,” is a perfect analogy for the mindset of the tour. Initially written as a tapline for an EDM artist, she decided to take it as her own and rework the production, transforming it into something more organic, while still keeping a few of the song’s original dynamics. Delving deeper into the song, she leads us back to the theme of the human condition and existence. “There seems be a two person narrative within the lyrics but really, it’s just about how I fucked myself over,” she explains. 

Although she told me that she’s currently in the beginning stages of writing a second album, VÉRITÉ’s focus at the moment is on getting Somewhere In Between out as much as possible as well as connecting with her fans. “It’s definitely a unique experience to have the album exist in the world,” she says. “It’s also been really nice playing for my own fans and having those interactions.” 

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Coverage by Sam Hsu.

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