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Young The Giant
Home of the Strange Tour

September 23, 2017
Bayfront Park Amphitheater // Miami, FL

This past Saturday, September 23, the Home of the Strange Tour rolled through Miami. The lineup composed of Joywave, Cold War Kids, and Young the Giant, making for a night full of great music. Joywave started the night, opening with their hits “Now,” and “It’s a Trip!” If you’re a fan of Joywave, you’d likely know that they filmed It’s a Trip! right in Miami, next door to where they played that night. The set had a great balance of old and new, and Joywave was the perfect band to get the crowd hyped up. Cold War Kids came out and performed their hits, “LA Divine,” “Hang Me Up to Dry,” “Love Is Mystical,” “So Tied Up,” and “First,” scattered throughout the set. They had the whole crowd standing up and singing along, paired with beautiful lighting and an effortlessly beautiful performance. Young the Giant came out on stage and the crowd roared, overpowering lead vocalist Sameer Gadhia while singing along to “Amerika,” “Something to Believe In,” - which was a crowd favorite paired with Gadhia’s provocative dancing - and “I Got.” As I was leaving the venue, the band began another popular hit, “Anagram.” The crowd was still going as strong as ever as the music and voices slowly faded out as I left. It’s evident that Young The Giant ended the night on a high note and left the audience buzzing. Check out photos from the show below to catch a glimpse of what went down in Miami last weekend. 

Coverage by Alex Liscio.





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