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Metaphysical is quirky, it’s garage rock, it’s something fresh out of the 80’s. However you want to describe it, there’s no denying that the record is a living embodiment of The Technicolors. “Thematically, musically, and lyrically, Metaphysical is about us as a band -- making music, making a record, and some of those trials and celebratory moments,” explains Brennan Smiley, frontman and lead singer/guitarist. “It feels like us.” 

Straight out of the Sonoran Desert that is Phoenix, AZ., The Technicolors are a trio consisting of Smiley, along with guitarist Sean Silverman and bassist Mike “Nico” Nicolette. On stage though, they’ve got an ever-changing lineup of drummers, keyboardists, and anybody else who can “add their own flavor into it.” Although the lack consistency felt like a challenge at first, Smiley told me they eventually got past that point. “We realized that we’re very fortunate to be in this position, getting work with some pretty diverse people.” 

Back on the topic of the new album, the band explained that going into the creative process, they knew that they wanted to create something larger than themselves. It began, as Smiley puts it, with “a dry erase board and a lot of ideas.” With those ideas, a lot of them “took on a different life later on in the process,” Silverman explains.

Metaphysical marks the beginning of a new era for The Technicolors. Having previously recorded EPs “Ultraviolet Disguise” and “Sweat” in a shed behind Silverman’s house, the album, as a complete thought, is a big accomplishment. “We feel proud of ourselves because of what it took to make the record in a way that we wanted to make it,” Smiley says. “There’s a little more magic involved with being in a proper studio, with good people surrounding us, than sitting in a room and piecing things together on a computer.” 

If you’ve been keeping up with the band at all, you’ll know that they’ve recently come off of a house tour. Or in other words, bringing the magic of Metaphysical to living rooms across the country. “The idea came out of a meltdown… it wasn’t supposed to be a tour at first,” Smiley explains. “I just wanted to get out and go on a trip.”

The idea sparked, with a lot of time on hand and feelings of complacency, from the fact that the record was scheduled to come out later than they had initially anticipated. As Smiley says, “we wanted people to have the experience you’d have with a close friend of yours that finished this thing they worked really hard on. The idea was to take those dynamics and share them with the people we consider close to us because they’ve supported our band for a long time.”

That idea is far from over. The Technicolors just announced a North American tour with The Wrecks, and are currently cruising across the U.K. with a fellow band on the 8123 roster, The Maine. “I think our record will come alive,” Silverman says. “We can’t help ourselves. It always evolves. We write songs, record them, imagine them, and look forward to the live element of it.”

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Coverage by Sam Hsu.

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