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With the release of the debut album, The Heights, Knox Hamilton is bringing back the good, old fashioned sounds of synth alternative rock music. Brothers Boots and Cobo Copeland along with Drew Buffington want to make music that’ll make you dance like you’re on the beach while giving you the classic melodies of synth rock.

Knox Hamilton, the name of a random guy found in a vintage year book at a thrift store the Copeland brothers used to volunteer at, all first met at church in their hometown North Little Rock. All three members loved playing music and saw it as more of a hobby at first. “Whenever we got an itch to do something we’d just record an EP. This band was an accident for sure,” Cobo said. When it comes to their sound, they pegged Hot Fuss, the iconic 2004 album by The Killers, as a record that’s more than influential. “I don’t wanna say we sound like The Killers, but we have the synth elements, the vocal melodies that sound very generic. It’s just straight-forward melodic synth rock,” Boots explained. “But we’re pretty metal live,” he joked. 

The band has been together since 2010, and in that time span, they can all agree that they’ve gotten better with their sound. “We’re better at doing the things we’ve always wanted to do,” Drew said. Their first full length album is composed of songs they’ve recorded previously, songs that are new, and songs they chose to keep over a lot of other songs. Despite the amount of EPs the band has released previously, it took a while for an album to finally be created because of the recording process. “Writing [the album] was easy but recording it was hard,” Boots said, “This one is really special because it took so long--it was definitely a labor of love.”

The trio had just recently performed in Little Rock a few days after the release of The Heights. The show was extremely special to them, and it even had Boots step into the crowd to sing “Washed up Together,” a highly praised single and notable track off their record. “It was bonkers. It was crazy. The Little Rock crowd is a crunk crowd,” he said.

“We’re not opposed to ripping off our favorite artists,” Boots laughed. A few bands that the guys listened to while growing up who have also influenced Knox Hamilton’s music are The Killers, Phoenix, Death Cab for Cutie, and The Strokes, to name a few. While music is hugely influential, they’ve also grabbed lyrics from a couple books they’ve read while in the studio. For Boots personally, he admits that he also writes about his muses--his wife and his kid.

There’s plenty of stuff in store for the future of Knox Hamilton. Though it took them a while to release their first album, they’ve got way more content up their sleeves. “If we had to come out with an album next month, I’d probably have 30-45 songs ready to go,” Boots said. They’re currently in the works of a few songs and a couple demos, so make sure to keep an out for these guys.

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Photos by Talia Azadian.
Story by Caitlin Ison.

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