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Up-and-coming Los Angeles based pop punk band The Regrettes are more than just another group of teenagers who enjoy making music together. Their quirky rock sound inspired by famous acts of the 50s and 60s such as Buddy Holly and the Ronettes sets them apart from others, along with their desire to make their songwriting as honest as possible. Though new to the scene, this four piece band is definitely confident in who they are and what The Regrettes is all about. 

The Regrettes is composed of lead singer and guitar player Lydia Night, bass player Sage Chavis, guitar player Genessa Gariano, and Maxx Morando on the drums. The four met and started playing together at their music school, reconnected after losing touch for a few years, and started their own band. Their debut album Feel Your Feelings Fool! was just released at the beginning of this year.  

“We spent about two months in the studio. We banged out a lot of songs,” Sage explained. “It was really fun and a great learning experience for all of us.” 

One of the tracks, “Pale Skin,” is a favorite amongst the band strictly because of the way they recorded it. The lights were all off, and they only had Christmas lights illuminating the room. “We were all in a weird spot [in the studio]. It was fun, I think it came out nicely,” Maxx said. 

While majority of their sound is influenced by bands of the rock 'n' roll era such as The Crystals, The Shirelles, and even Elvis Presley, they’re also inspired by more modern hard punk rock music like Bratmobile and 7 Year Bitch. “I was listening to a bunch of Velvet Underground and Bratmobile when I was coming in and doing the guitar parts, so in little ways I think those things definitely come up when I’m recording,” Genessa said. 

Although they’re starting to write together more often now, in the past, Lydia was the mastermind behind the songs of The Regrettes. For Lydia, the songwriting process is always changing, whether it’s melody first, lyrics first, etc. “It’s always important to mix it up, that way songs don’t start sounding the same,” she said. Grabbing inspiration from anything and everything, the lead singer sometimes uses her friends’ experiences to have something to write about. “I’ll Facetime my friends and be like, 'Can you just rant to me right now because I’m having writer’s block, or talk to me about this person, or blah blah blah.' And then that will kind of get the wheels rolling in my brain,” Lydia shared. 

With lyrics like “You think you're such hot shit,” and “I heard that she's a feminist so she must not shave her pits,” it’s no question that The Regrettes love being honest. Sage and Genessa confessed that their favorite lyrics come from their song “Seashore,” with the line “You should just go fuck yourself.” 

"When you’re actually yourselves in 

your music, no matter what, it’s 

not going to be like anyone else. 

You’re putting yourself into it."

“I think it can apply to everything, both good and bad things,” Sage joked. 

“I feel that way too, like that’s my favorite line to say. I just want to tell everyone that even if it’s in a good way, just go fuck yourself!” Genessa said. 

For Lydia, however, her favorite lyrics is one of the closing lines from “A Living Human Girl,” a touching and genuine song about what it means to be a girl. “I’m still going to be here after your best shot. It's another saying of go fuck yourself, I’m gonna be here whether or not you’re here. Whether you like it or not,” she said. 

The band has a year full of performances ahead of them, from opening, to headlining, to playing alongside other bands at music festivals. When comparing the difference between recording in a studio and performing live, the band found it hard to explain how they’re so different. “You grow in different ways. In both, I’m growing constantly. We’re more secluded when we’re in the studio, since we’re just since each other,” Genessa explained. “And then getting to share it with others, is the live,” said Lydia.  

Not only do The Regrettes have a huge year ahead of them, but to say this is just the beginning of their career is underestimating. Their carefree attitude and unique personalities definitely make them one to watch. Their music reflects who they not only as a band together, but as individuals. Lydia explained, “I think a lot of bands put up a front, and aren’t themselves in their music. When you’re actually yourselves in your music, no matter what, it’s not going to be like anyone else. You’re putting yourself into it.” 

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Photos by Myrah Sarwar.
Story by Caitlin Ison.


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