Finish Ticket


Many of us dream about starting a little band for fun in high school and turning into a huge sensation. It’s very rare that this happens for most people. However, a few boys, who are now known as “Finish Ticket,” did exactly that.

They started off playing in in separate groups in high school. One day they all found each other and decided this group was the best group they’ve played in. They began playing shows around San Francisco and the bay area every weekend to just have fun. After high school, they all went off to school for one year before decided they wanted to pursue music as a more serious career. They left school and fully committed themselves to music.

But why the name “Finish Ticket”? They explained they were sitting around for hours, during their high school days, trying to come up with a unique name and they decided on Finish Ticket because it was some inside joke between all of them. “Honestly, I think if we would have known we would’ve really been doing music as a career choice, I think we would’ve changed it,” they joked.  

Finish Ticket has an alternative rock sound to them. They focus on good melodies and good lyrics. They like to describe their music sound as “pop sensibility while still having credibility.” Every song is different and they like to be unique and push boundaries. They have a very collaborative song writing process where they all fill in different parts of the song to bring it together. 

In terms of touring, they recently went on tour with Twenty One Pilots. After that, they played at a few festivals (one being Kaaboo in Del Mar, California where we got to meet up with them). They love playing these festivals because they are so different from live shows on a tour. They say the crowds are unpredictable which is intimidating and scary but it’s a fun challenge for any band. There’s always going to be a lot of new people in the crowd and they said, “you have the mentality that you have to win them over. It keeps you humble and on your toes.” 

Although they have toured and been to many places already, there are still loads of other places they are looking forward to playing one day. New Orleans, Alaska, Asia, and any country in South or Central America are a few new places they would love to try playing at. “Also, ‘Zoo Tour 2017’; nothing but zoos and animals would be cool,” they joked. 

They just finished up tour at the end of 2016. They wanted to switch up the music and play not only a few new songs but also old songs. The band even thought about bringing out a few songs from their high school days that people somehow found out about because people request it all the time and they never thought anyone would hear those oldies. Be sure to keep an eye out for more so you can snag tickets to a show and enjoy the band known as Finish Ticket.

Story by Jazzy Luchini.