Q&A: Summer McKeen


What pushed you to start making YouTube videos? 

My love filming and editing videos. I also really enjoyed makeup and fashion, so it was really fun for me to combine the two and share them with people!

How would you describe your YouTube video style? 

My editing style is really unique to myself, but I really like to make sure I’m editing the video so my audience stays watching until the end. I also have a lot of fun with editing in general, so I’d say my style is fun and fast paced. I always have a comedic element in my videos too because that’s just how I am .  My favorite thing is when I finish editing a video and it looks  awesome all together. So satisfying!

Are there any online personalities you look to for inspiration? 

I like Monica and Shelby Church, Maddi Bragg, Eva Gutowski and Tara Michelle. I watch so many people on Youtube - it’s insane.

Which do you prefer more: posting onto your main channel, or vlogging? 

I really love both, but probably posting on my main channel because I spend the most time on those videos and I get the most feedback and love from them. 

What's a day in your life like? 

Wake up. Eat some breakfast. Wash my face and brush my teeth. Do my makeup, hair (sometimes), and outfit and then either do online school for a while, workout, or both! After that, I’ll eat some more and probably spend way too much time either watching Youtube videos or making my own. Then it’s bed time (aka, laying in bed on my phone until I realize how late it is).

Are there any videos of yours in particular that you can point out as your favorite? 

I really like my  "Outfits of the Week in Mexico"  video because I absolutely love Mexico. I also like the editing and it’s just fun to watch. Another video I really like of mine is the Spring Break,  vlog type video I made while I was in California with my boyfriend. It brings back really good memories, and I really love how I edited that video as well. 

 Which social media site do you prefer most and why? 

Besides YouTube, probably Snapchat. I love posting  Snap stories all the time because it’s almost like daily vlogging . I get to see a lot of other YouTuber’s  Snap stories and it’s just a lot more personal. My followers love my Snap stories too and it’s cool to know that people actually watch them and enjoy them.

You have about 300,000 subscribers on your YouTube channel. Is it hard to deal with a number this large? In other words, do you feel as if there is an image to maintain?

Sometimes I feel like I need to be very careful about how I look, act, and especially what I say because I’m essentially putting myself out there for a huge amount of people to watch me and judge me. People can easily take things the wrong way and there can be crazy comments, which is never fun. But overall, I’m just myself. I really try to stick to who I am and express myself however I want.

Photos by Lori Paulson.