Q&A: Coast Modern


Can you give us a bit of a background on your band?
COLEMAN: We met four years ago.
LUKE: I had just moved to LA from Seattle and I didn't know a single person. A mutual friend introduced me to Coleman when we were at a studio. I played some jams that I made and he played some jams he made, and we just vibed together and decided yeah, we should write. 
COLEMAN: Yeah, and just for fun--no agenda, we just wanted to make cool tracks together.
LUKE: We did that for a while, we did a couple weird things like the NASA thing. We did a rap for NASA for kids. It was a first real gig. It took us a while to realize we wanted to do our own thing. 

What's your favorite song of yours and why?
COLEMAN: Mine is one that the public will never hear. 
LUKE: Mine is a song we haven't released about pugs and hammers. IfI had to pick though, it'd probably be Guru. 

What's your favorite song at the moment? 
LUKE: Mine's probably Jeremih, Pass Dat.
COLEMAN: I'm really liking Phantogram, You Don't Get Me High Anymore. 

Could you tell us about your song writing process?
LUKE: We get together in the morning, we write at my place, a little studio tucked in Silver Lake, and we usually start off with a beat.
COLEMAN: Our process is kind of different every time. We could break it down to we meet, we write, we make beats, and then we write on them, but how we get to the different stories and the different vibes is so different every time. There's a restaurant we ate a lot at last year and we felt like the music playing there was just seeping into our brains and I just knew there was a single going to come out in the near future because of this. 
LUKE: Yeah. Sometimes we just talk about what's on our minds and our deep feelings. 

How's tour going so far?
COLEMAN: Yeah it's the end of a month long tour with the Wombats. It started in a city just north of New York. We worked our way down the east coast and then we did a second half that was all in the mid-west, and then we did this little west coast run.
LUKE: Late nights, early mornings, trying to eat healthy food, sleep deprivation.
COLEMAN: I napped hard today after going to Seal Beach. 
LUKE: There's a store at Seal Beach called Coast Modern, so we had to go. We told people we owned it. 

Is there any place you haven't toured at yet but you'd like to? 
COLEMAN: Asia, all of Europe, South America... Iceland. 
LUKE: I'm excited for Stockholm and Tokyo. I want to see Rio de Janeiro. 

If you could collaborate with any musician, who would it be? 
COLEMAN: All my favorite musicians don't make music anymore. Jonas Brothers, Hannah Montana. 
LUKE: Drake would be cool.
COLEMAN: I mean, I could work with Justin Timberlake but without NSYNC, it's like, what is that? Empress Of would be pretty cool. Listen to her album "Me" and get ready to evolve.
LUKE: Rihanna. I want to collab with her and I will. 

Where do you hope to see yourself in five years? 
LUKE & COLEMAN: In the mirror. *high five* 
LUKE: Because if not, that'd be scary! 
COLEMAN: That'd be so weird! You don't see yourself in the mirror in five years, could you imagine? That'd be the worst. 
LUKE: Well, that's number one. But other than that, maybe collaborating with those people we've mentioned. 
COLEMAN: Wife and kids. I would have want to meet the lady and have a bunch of kids. 

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