Broods - The Observatory


August 20, 2016
The Observatory // Santa Ana, CA

On August 20th, Broods, an electro-pop sibling duo from New Zealand, played the Observatory in Santa Ana. The duo, consisting of Georgia and Caleb Nott, had just released their second album, Conscious, this past June. The album has already made its way to the U.S. Billboard 200, Top Alternative Albums, and Top Rock Albums charts. For this leg of their tour, they brought along Australian singer-songwriter Jarryd James to open up the show. 

Two bright orange spotlights filled the stage as a tall and meek Jarryd James approached the center mic. To the crowd's surprise, a smooth and soulful voice came booming through the speakers. James intertwines alternative pop music with his R&B pipes to make a beautiful melodic mix. Though his music was much more on the calmer side, the audience loved his vocals and cheered for him the whole way through. As his set came to a close, he got everyone excited as he brought out Georgia Nott to sing the song they wrote and recorded together, "1000x." Nott even mentioned later on during the show that she wanted to bring James on tour because his voice is one of her favorites. 

The room faded to black as Caleb Nott and two other band members took their stage positions. An energetic Georgia appeared on stage in a black fringed cloak. The crowd roared with cheers as she danced around stage, opening with their album titled track, "Conscious." It was apparent that everyone in the room adored her that she felt the same way. Towards the middle oftheir set, the two siblings decided to perform two songs acoustic as a tribute to the way they performed in coffee shops and open mic nights before they were discovered. With Caleb on guitar, Georgia belted out vocals that left the room speechless. The band performed songs not only from Conscious, but from their debut album, Evergreen, and even their self-titled EP. One of the most memorable parts of the show was when they performed one of their biggest hits from their first album, "Mother & Father." When the very first beat ofthe intro hit, the audience went insane. Everyone in the room knew every word. 

Georgia Nott's stage presence is not one to be ignored; the lead singer was constantly jumping and dancing around on stage the entire show. She smiled at the many faces in the crowd that night and was not able to thank everyone enough for attending the show. The band closed the night with "Couldn't Believe,"  and the crowd was just as energetic as Ms. Nott the whole way through. 

Photos by Myrah Sarwar.
Words by Caitlin Ison.

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