Corey Harper


The influence from family at a young age brought a young boy to accomplish his dreams. His first discovery of his uncle’s guitar intrigued him and encouraged him to play around on it. As soon as he picked up the guitar, he was in a trance from there on out.

Corey Harper started playing music in his bedroom in his home in Oregon. His father, uncle, brother and sister were all involved in music somehow and that trait passed down to him. At the age of 12, he started playing more seriously, although not many people really knew about this passion. “I played so intensely inside my house that not even my close friends knew,” he admitted. 

Recently, he continued to pursue his passion and venture off into the world. He moved from Oregon to LA, a little over a year ago, which has been a huge transition for him. LA has brought him many new opportunities that he couldn’t get anywhere else. He’s met many people with the same passion and talents as him which has helped him improve as a person, and as a musician. The lifestyle and culture as a huge change for him. “It helped me go out of my comfort zone of growing up in a small town to moving out to somewhere where it really challenges me and pushes me to go through experiences that going to make me write songs.” Although LA is the perfect place for Corey now, he plans to move back to Oregon later in life to raise a family. 

As far as song writing goes, he doesn’t have a specific process. He says, “it just depends on the song.” Sometimes he will accidentally play a melody on the guitar while just messing around, and end up using it for a song. As for the lyrics, sometimes he will just hear someone say something that fits perfectly into a current song he’s working on. “There are synthetic ways to write a song but for me, it stems from hearing the music inside my own head, then getting it out through playing the guitar and also through creating lyrics that describe that.”
Social media has been a main platform in helping Corey accomplish what he has so far. He first started with Instagram by posting videos of himself singing. Over time, he got a lot of positive comments and feedback from people watching his videos. This inspired him to continue posting videos. This pushed him to also move to other social media sites, like YouTube, which is how he ended up being discovered. “Putting my songs up on the internet and having people hear them was kind of the extent of my career. I didn’t think I was ever going to be a musician until I started putting my music out there,” he states. 
Although his family had a huge influence on his musical career, if Corey could collaborate with any one person, he would pick John Mayer. John has inspired Corey as a singer, songwriter, and guitar player. They have similar music styles and Corey says that if he were to write something with John, he’d be pretty happy about it. 
As Corey’s career progresses, he will be venturing off and playing in new places he’s never played before. A venue in America he would really want to perform at would be Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado. He would also love to go to Europe because he’s never been there before. Both would be a new experience for him that he would love to try.
As for upcoming projects, after the release of Corey’s upcoming EP, he plans to work on putting out a full album. He wants to see the kind of feedback he gets on his EP in order to improve himself. His main goal is to become a better guitar player, singer, and songwriter throughout his career. 

Photos by Myrah Sarwar.
Story by Jazzy Luchini.

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