Summer 2016: Jordan Doww


A terrifying risk can turn into a huge opportunity. Most people think of the worst that can happen when it comes to risking something. However, that’s usually not what ends up happening. Jordan Doww took a risk, completely and utterly horrified at what could possibly happen, and ended up obtaining a life-changing opportunity. 

Jordan thought his life was going to be over when he first uploaded his “coming out” video to YouTube. To his surprise, he instantly received a massive amount of positive feedback and support. “It was so life changing and humbling.”

Jordan has been interested in entertaining since he was a kid. He acquired parts in school plays and musicals, as well as did improv at different comedy clubs. He says “it’s always been a dream” to join the entertainment industry. He continues to act, but he turned to YouTube to express himself and entertain people with his fun, comedic personality.

He describes his YouTube video style as “a comedic mess.” He likes to do his own style vlogs and comedy sketches. “I would definitely say I have no filter in my videos so I’m like a mess all the time,” he exclaims. He likes to keep things funny while mixing it with a bit of seriousness. Jordan runs a series on his channel called “Let’s Get Serious” where he strips it down and gets serious on camera about topics, that he feels need to be addressed, in order to be an inspiration to people.

Jordan grew up in Michigan and recently moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams. He wanted to switch it up and create his own path and career in L.A. rather than taking, what he calls, the “traditional route” that everyone does in Michigan. The transition of moving to L.A., he described as being “crazy” because it’s so fast pace. But, he loves that there’s a very different atmosphere and range of people, as well as tons of different things to do there. He usually spends his days at auditions, filming videos, editing videos, and having fun with his friends - with a few Starbucks runs in between of course. 

L.A. also gives him the opportunity of being surrounded by creators who have inspired him for years and continue to inspire him. Their goal driven personalities help Jordan to continue to push for his goals and stay positive.

This year is a big year for Jordan. He’s currently hosting and performing “HollyWEIRD”, a live comedy show Jordan wrote mostly himself. He spilled to us what it consists of: songs, videos, live skits, stand-up and improve, guest interaction, and much more. You get a comedy, seriousness, and realness all in one show. Jordan wanted to show, in a comedic way, how his life in Hollywood has been and what he has overcome to get to where he is. “I wanted it to be a show that took you through the story of my life.”

Along with HollyWEIRD, Jordan has been working on a few other projects for the future. He’s not only working on new series for his YouTube channel, but he is also working on series ideas that he plans to land on alternative platforms including but limited to linear television. He’s testing out acting and the writing aspect of the entertainment industry. 

Jordan has worked extremely hard throughout his career; however, without his fans, he wouldn’t be where he is. Their support makes him feel like he’s doing what he’s supposed to be doing. “If they weren’t watching, I wouldn’t upload content.” 

Story by Jazzy Luchini.