Shelby Waddell


A best friend is one of the biggest influences in your life. Having someone to inspire you to do something you love, without it even being direct, is very beneficial. Shelby Waddell has her best friend, Ricky Dillon, to thank for motivating her and helping her figure out what she wants to do for the rest of her life. 

Shelby was inspired by her best friend, Ricky Dillon, to join the YouTube community. In 2009, she and Ricky decided to make fan-made music videos together and upload them to YouTube. What is currently Ricky’s main channel, PICKLEandBANANA, used to be both Shelby and Ricky’s channel. Because these videos took hours to make, Shelby stopped making them due to her busy schedule. While Ricky continued to post videos, Shelby helped him film and even made appearances in a few because she still enjoyed filming. Once her schedule became more flexible, she created her own channel to post her own videos.

Shelby creates all kinds of videos; from beauty videos to tag videos to collab videos. “I’m not sure if I’m just in the process of finding my groove or if I am destined to make all different kinds of videos, but either way, my YouTube journey isn’t anywhere close to ending, so I can’t wait to see what the future holds.”

Other than hoping to meet Ariana Grande this year, Shelby has a few big personal goals she hopes to achieve. Before 2016 is over, she will have graduated college and hopefully travelled and explored many different places before finally settling down in a city to begin the next big step in her life. 

Before she experiences her future, she must first wrap up her present. Shelby is currently on the first leg of the Alive Gold Tour with Ricky Dillon and Trevor Moran, two of her best friends. She’s loves being able to undergo new experiences with both of them. Ricky and her worked on a song together this past summer. Shelby has always been passionate about music, due to her participation in band throughout her middle school and high school years. The song, “Got Your Back”, was written almost solely by themselves. The song describes their strong friendship and their experiences and memories together. As a plus, they perform this song together on the tour. She never imagined she’d be singing in front of anyone other than herself (and with her friends in the car). “Singing on stage for hundreds of people at a time is so terrifying, but one of the best experiences of my life so far.”

Shelby describes herself as “genuine.” She strives to be the same person on social media as she is in person. She knows acting like a different person behind the screen has no benefit whatsoever. She wants her viewers to know exactly how she will act when they meet her in person.

“I feel such a huge sense of belonging 

that I’ve never felt before.” 

Shelby feels she fits in perfectly in the YouTube community as if her whole life was leading up to her joining YouTube. She never felt like an outcast in school but the YouTube community is the place where she feels most comfortable. Being able to express her creativity while exploring other people’s ideas and opinions makes her love being a creator. What started off as a side hobby for Shelby has now turned into something she wants to continue to be involved with for the rest of her life. Inspired by the YouTube community, she’s obtaining a degree in Marketing with a Social Media concentration. Shelby is also more than grateful for her supporters. Although the support from her friends family means the world to her, the feeling of support from complete strangers is a different feeling. They have positively influenced her in many ways and have made a huge impact on her, just as she has made a huge impact on them. “I feel such a huge sense of belonging that I’ve never felt before.” 

Photos by Sara Mantich.

Story by Jazzy Luchini.

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