SPRING 2016: Aidan Alexander


What we see on the TV makes us who we are. The shows, the movies, and even the commercials impact our everyday lives, whether if we realize it or not. Actor and YouTuber, Aidan Alexander, grew up watching commercials on the Disney Channel. There was something about them that interested him so much, and at the age of six years old, he starting creating a life for himself.  

Aidan was about six years old when he started performing in his school plays, and by the age of eleven, he was involved with the musical theater. Aidan used his motivation and talent and acted in an independent film, which then led to more opportunities. 

He had a role on the movie Red Wing, where he was able to spend time with successful actors and talented people, such as Luke Perry and Glen Powell (Chad Radwell from Scream Queens.) Aidan also had a part in the televisions series, Granite Flats. He had some friends on set, prior to working with them on the show, which made things so much more comfortable for him. 

Moving to Los Angeles for his acting career was a big change for this Idaho-grown boy. The opportunities from social media and beyond, especially in California, intrigued him. When he was about thirteen years old, he started making YouTube videos. 

Aidan has always enjoyed entertaining people. With acting, before he really got into the gist of it, he realized it could start off quite slow. YouTube was just a hobby, but eventually grew into something bigger. He realized it was a fun way to interact with people. 

Describing himself as “different”—his sense of humor and his personality—he knew he wanted his YouTube channel to reflect who he was. Acting was a platform, while YouTube was full of opportunities. With talking and telling stories as the platform for his videos, it became something even he would watch. 

He grew up watching YouTube videos, and followed a lot of people that he knows now. While in California, he was able to meet some of them; he was both impressed and startled by these people, compared who they were online. Aidan explains that the YouTube community is full of supportive, open people; it’s a good place to be in. 

Aidan hopes to maintain the good place he is in now. He hopes to have a future where he is doing something he enjoys. Creating YouTube videos or acting in a scary movie—no dream is too big. He hopes to own a pug, and to be eating a lot. A day in the life of Aidan Alexander is never normal; he always has someplace to needs to get to, and he works daily around those things. Who said actors aren’t normal people, too?  

Story by Kelly Peacock.

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