Dom DeAngelis


Imagine packing up everything you own, piling all of it into your car, and driving away from all your friends and family to a new place where you know barely anyone and have no idea what to expect. It takes guts to do this. Dom DeAngelis put all his faith in this and took this chance to start this new life. 

In 2011, Dom found YouTube as a cure to his boredom. His first video was actually uploaded to Facebook and through that positive feedback, he decided to to share it to YouTube as well. An overwhelming response caused him to continue making videos for the public. “It was entertaining for me and I want to entertain other people,” he shares. 

Dom’s video style “just kind of happened,” he says. His channel is full of collabs, challenges, and other hilarious videos that will never fail to make you laugh. It’s safe to say he makes content that he enjoys, and fortunately, his viewers enjoy it just as much as he does. You can view his videos, such as “Blind Bucket Challenge” and his Chatroulette pranks, on his YouTube channel. 

Because of his need to adventure, an average day in Dom’s life consists of different adventures until he decides to film his videos. He describes himself as “unpredictable” because he’s not sure of what his future will consist of (other than the fact that he wants a “beautiful house, beautiful wife, and 13 kids”). 

2016 will be a big and exciting year for Dom. He shares that he is doing another “7 Days On The Road” on the East Coast (a short YouTube series he did previously with creators such as Jc Caylen and FunForLouis). He also spills that there is hopefully a T.V. show in the making this year. 

Dom started off know 3 people in L.A. and now he is friends with a large number of people in the YouTube community. “It’s really different but I enjoy it. There’s a lot of different people in it” he states. He describes YouTube as a lifestyle because people expect him to put out original, funny videos every week; however, it’s an enjoyable lifestyle for him. “Right now, I’m my own boss.” He is making the most of his time as his journey continues. 

Photos by Myrah Sarwar.

Words by Jazzy Luchini.

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