Soundcloud is an audio platform that allows musicians to share their creations with people from all over the world. One of its biggest proponents is Madnap, an electronic music producer based in Tampa and Chicago. “It’s an amazing community that a lot of people haven't discovered yet,” he enthuses. Madnap didn’t originally set out to create electronic music. In 2010, while browsing the electronic section on iTunes, the guitar player came upon Skrillex’s Weekends!!!.“The track absolutely blew my mind and I knew from there on out that I wanted to try to be a producer,” he says. Since then, he’s garnered hundreds of thousands of listens on Soundcloud, and opened for Big Sean at a school concert.
The producer assures that his moniker is simply a combination of random words. “Contrary to what most people assume, the name has no meaning. I am not angry and don't take naps”, he says.
Madnap’s music is melodically inspired by Japanese culture while incorporating elements of trap and future bass. Although his dreamy, synth infused track Lotus has become a Soundcloud staple, Madnap says he is the most proud of an older track called Hollow. “ It’s so catchy and my friend Kolada absolutely killed it on her vocal part,” he says.
His process for creating music is reflective of his background as a guitar player. He begins by finding a chord progression or melody, and then basing the rest of the song around the framework.
No stranger to collaboration, Madnap is part of the massive Paper Crane Collective, home to over ten artists. If he had the opportunity to collaborate with any musician, Madnap says he’d choose Kanye West, although he’d “be absolutely terrified to be in his presence”. “I feel like the he's easily one of the most creative individuals of our time,” the producer explains, “and I'm sure I'd learn so much from collaborating with him.”
Fans of Porter Robinson, Flume, and Cashmere Cat should definitely check out Madnap’s music. Though his fresh, Japanese-inspired melodies beg comparison to the aforementioned artists’, Madnap maintains a style all his own throughout his work.
There is no doubt that 2016 will be a promising year for Madnap. Look out for his upcoming collaborations, remixes, and a possible EP.

Photos by: Sara Mantich
Story by: Lindsay Glick