WINTER 2016: Alexis G. Zall


Think of your routine as a teenager. Many teenagers have a pattern of waking up, going to school, coming home to do homework, and continuing that cycle day after day. Not many teens see their days consisting of filming videos, attending meetings, and preparing for acting auditions. Youtube star, Alexis G Zall, is one of those unique seventeen year olds with this daily routine. 

Alexis began youtube at a very early age and worked her way up. Her interest in entertainment began when she was the leading role in her 6th grade high school play. In addition to uploading videos weekly on her own youtube channel, Alexis starred in the 2013 television film Out of Reach and is also a weekly host of a BOMB(dot)COM segment on Shane Dawson's channel. 

Because of her playful personality and her love to entertain, Alexis considers herself a “comedy vlogger.” Although she uses many different social media platforms, youtube was her main choice due to her love of creating videos. “It’s just fun. I talk directly to the camera about something that’s on my mind or something I have an opinion on and then I intermix little cutaways and sketches that help tell the story.” She produces many quirky, individual videos as well as many collaborations with other youtube stars. Her hope is to collaborate with Grace Helbig one day. Alexis describes herself as “spunky,” which definitely shows in each of her videos.

Many young people are turning to youtube to express their love for entertainment as well. Alexis’ advice to any young Youtubers is “don’t be afraid to put a lot into your videos” and to simply to just make videos, post them, and strive to improve your content as you go on. Many people tend to struggle in terms of coming up with creative videos. She believes the best way to get the most original content is to force yourself to come up with ideas so that the more you do, the easier it will get. 

Through watching her on youtube and and talking to her in person, Alexis shows to be the same person happy, upbeat girl whether the camera is on or off. I admire her confidence and positivity that she demonstrates in her videos as well as in person. She’s a great example of how simply being yourself and putting yourself out there can help you pursue what you like to do. 

Story by Jazzy Luchini.

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