Patrick Quirky


Youtube has become a very popular platform for the LGBT community. Because a lot of well- known creators have used Youtube in order to be open about their sexuality, many young teenagers have turned to it to do just the same. Patrick Quirky is one of these teenagers. 

Patrick joined Youtube in 2008 as just a viewer, but he was inspired by the people he watched so he decided to give making his own videos a shot. He began by posting a few skits here and there starting in 2010 but, a few years ago, his “My Coming Out Story!” video went viral. By watching other LGBT Youtubers, he gained the confidence he needed to be open and honest in order to inspire other teenagers, like himself, to do just the same. Now, Patrick has had an incredible impact on LGBT teenagers just by sharing his story. 

“It’s an incredible feeling,” Patrick states as he describes his experience so far. 

Ever since Patrick began Youtube a few years ago, his video style has evolved immensely. He began making videos with no real genre for his channel. For years he had been posting tags, challenges and Q&A type videos that his audience wanted to see. But it was only recently he decided to change the direction of his channel to make it what he personally enjoyed, which is more fashion, beauty and lifestyle related. 

Patrick’s favorite videos to create are hauls because he considers himself a “spender.” Although creating haul videos can really add up in cost, he believes it’s worth it. 

“I really enjoy sharing my style with my viewers.” 

Although he enjoys his new video style, he still continues to make videos that relate with his old style. He has fun doing videos such collab challenges as well as individual, makeup tutorials. Patrick has always been inspired by Joey Graceffa because of their similar experiences and would love to collaborate with him for a video one day. 

I asked Patrick to describe himself in one word, and he responded with the word “real.” He moved from Canada to LA, which has brought him many new experiences and opportunities, but he has never forgotten where he came from. He’s stayed true to himself throughout his Youtube career and it definitely shows through his videos and actions. 

Patrick has gained a wide range of supporters from the Youtube community. They are the ones who have given him this newfound confidence to help him express himself as well as inspire others. “They’ve helped me, just as much as I’ve helped them,” he humbly states. 

Photos by Alivia Latimer.
Story by Jazzy Luchini.

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