Hannah Gogan


They say you do your best thinking in the shower.

Washing the shampoo from your hair is like twirling all the jumbled thoughts in your brain together to eventually create a clean resolution. You craft aspirations, to do lists, and ideas for creativity; thinking great thoughts can set paths for your future and can eventually expand into something greater.

Hannah Gogan humbly describes herself as crazy, independent and creative. She does this cool party trick where she bends her fingers in ways they should not bend—it is her only hidden talent. Nevertheless, her talents are so much greater than the weird things she can do with her hands. Hannah takes her colorful personality into perspective when creating her YouTube videos. Her channel, noonecareshannah, has been around since 2013, where she shares her adventures and interest in life for the entertainment for herself and for others. The topics for her videos vary from sexual assault to Chipotle to how she finds inspiration.

When Hannah gathers a platform for a video and things are set in stone, she can film a video. Finding that platform, however, is tough. Inspiration is around her at any point in time and she comes up ideas while in the shower or during long drives. She knows she has to look for inspiration and when to take an idea and run with it. Hannah would love to make something cool with the talented soul, Bertie Gilbert. Anyone that knows her understands her obsession with him—she only mildly fangirled when she met him at Vidcon. Ideas like this are what keep her focused on having fun and being creative with her passions.

Growing up, Hannah has always attached herself to things. She has been passionate about  bands (she has been Hot Chelle Rae’s #1 fangirl since 2011), movies (she saw The Avenges in theaters 13 times) and now YouTube. Video editing has been her passion for a while, and it is an easy and fun way for her to showcase herself. YouTube is the best creative outlet for her. Her videos are simply her sitting and talking in front of a camera. She gives fashion tips, shares craft ideas, offers life advice, and shows the adventures she has with her friends. Hannah takes her ridiculous, beautiful self and puts her personality into her videos.

Her favorite video was a recent one titled “Life”. It is different than most of her videos but she is completely obsessed with it. She wrote the script to it almost 6 months ago and worked on collecting shots since then. The message is meaningful to her and she could not be happier with how it turned out. Go on adventures, hear your favorite music live, spend time with your friends, live for yourself. To quote Hannah: “*Shia LaBeouf voice* JUST DO IT”. If you want to make videos, make videos. Do what makes you happy, unapologetically. A lot of people, including Hannah, like to make excuses for what holds them back from accomplishments because it is convenient. Don’t do that. Push yourself to make that video you thought about filming but were afraid people would think it will be dumb. They won’t.

Optimism is such an important thing to have. Being a realist, it is hard for Hannah to be optimistic a lot of the time. While it is so important to keep a level head and look at things realistically, it is even more important to keep your head in a happy place. You will not accomplish anything if you have already accepted failure. Keep your head up. Stay optimistic.

Go for a long car ride or stand in the shower or go wherever you do your best thinking. Creativity will flow out of you. That is the time to take those ideas and run with them, despite fear and despite what people will think. It is your life; you have a right to think and act on those thoughts. Stay optimistic while exploring and creating art and living your life to its full potential. 

Photos by Chris Lampkins.
Story by Kelly Peacock.